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San Francisco is full of amazing, undiscovered talent, and Lisdeath is no exception. Lisdeath is a capable artist in nearly any medium or situation, with experience as a street artist and in more formal, gallery settings. She can turn forgotten, unloved and discarded objects into beautiful art that communicates her own unique cultural viewpoint, as well as a love of color, culture and art. She has amazing skills with paint, stencil, and spray paint, and is available to sell her current work or to make new commissioned projects.

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A true SF gem, Donovan is a prolific live lightshow artist (and head of the Psychedelic Lightshow Preservation Society), having made continuous live art through a combination of slides, projections, color wheels and essentially anything he can get access to, analog or digital. His work was hugely influential in the 90's Rave scene, performing at Wicked, The Gathering, going on tour with Doc Martin & Dubtribe, and setting up shop in various influential nightclub spaces in San Francisco, including Townsend. He is currently available to do work, and is open most nights, when he is not working his residency at Odyssey.

Donovan is multi-talented: he also performs as a DJ, and makes clothing.

We have here just a small sample of his recent work.

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